Tips from Q-branch interns with too much time on their hands and a boss who may or may not be involved with a 00 agent.

Anonymous: I hope you guys can come back. I really like the tips.

Don’t worry, Nonny my love, the blog hasn’t been forgotten. We’ve just… taken a bit of a back seat, so to speak; lack of submissions and imagination on our part, to be perfectly honest.

Schoolwork’s been biting us both (yes, even in the holidays, it’s dreadful) and Abi (007 Mod) has exams this month.

Rest assured, we will get back to some form of order hopefully sometime soon. I was actually thinking about this earlier today…

We both love working on the blog; it was so much fun. So really, don’t worry. We do love it, it will come back soon.

Q-Tip #54:

Please refrain from hacking into the London Transport mainframe to programme an easier commute to and from HQ. The civvies are half convinced it’s terrorists and MI5 and GCHQ have been asking awkward questions again.

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Okay. I have had the greatest idea.

Advice/ask blog featuring Q called… wait for it…


Thank you, I’ll be here all night.

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Q-Tip #53:

If you do anything wrong, the standard apology is to buy tea for the rest of Q-Branch. Preferably Earl Grey but that depends on how terrible your mistake was.

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Q-Tip #52:

No matter how good looking they are, stalking and filming certain senior operatives during the lunch hour is frowned upon and pointless. They are MI6 agents after all. Although any successful  and/or humorous videos must be shared with the rest of Q-branch.

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Q-Tip #51:

We have neither the time, resources, budget or approval to reopen the in-house Automotive division no matter how often Bond asks. His poor track record with vehicles of all sorts speaks for itself

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Please don’t eat us

Priya here.

This is basically an absolutely enormous apology for the completely unprecedented (and quite frankly, awful) hiatus. Much love for all of you for not sending hate and for not unfollowing us, you don’t know how appreciated that is <3

Basically exams and results and sort of uni preparation got a bit overwhelming, for me at least, and Q-Tips took the fall as life sort of clawed its way back to normalcy.

Hopefully in the next week or so, we should be back to a regularish schedule with posts but (like always) submissions are greatly appreciated, my loves! Again, so very sorry about the unexpected hiatus and if ever something happens to disrupt things again, we will try and scream warnings at you guys before shit goes down.

Think that’s everything… Until next time!



Abi also wanna say something.

- yeah, so academia’s been biting us all on the butts again, and it’s horrible WE’D RATHER BE DOING THIS TRUST ME. But yes, I’d just like to apologise, too. Y’all are luvely.)

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thedominatrixofengland-deactiva: Well, if Sherlock is allowed to stay, then won't you let me in next time? I'm growing rather tired of hanging out with the agents.

Madame, have you perhaps forgotten that you are technically supposed to be “missing, presumed dead”?

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thedominatrixofengland-deactiva: If you happen to see Sherlock Holmes lurking around, call security. And quickly.

The last time we called security on Holmes, he left them with scars. Lasting ones.

We think of him more like a stray cat now. And he annoys Q no end.

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Q-Tip #50:

It’s fine to use a calculator for simple addition; we know the ability to do that left after GCSE years. You’d be surprised how many calculations have been incorrect and blown up prototypes due to pride.

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